Symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to work out emotional problems by yourself because you are too close to them and cannot see them clearly. More and more people are seeking help these days because they realize this. The fact that you desire counselling is a compliment to your judgement and is no indication that you are not mentally stable. Hypnotherapy has helped countless numbers of people to overcome serious emotional symptoms and has enabled many others to increase their working capacities and to better their relationships with others.

Overcoming Challenges

Sessions start with Doreen asking you particular questions as well as she would have you do an exercise that helps her to see what is going on in your subconscious in regards to the particular issue(s).

I know throughout every cell of my body that you can have help and find success by seeing Doreen. Hypnotherapy is different than hypnosis. It is hypnosis and therapy combined which is the reason why it is so effective in helping people deal with and heal issues that have been with them for a very long time. I’ll just share a bit of my journey.

I myself was a smoker, had an eating disorder and suffered from depression for years. I smoked for 10 or so years. Had a session with Doreen 9 years ago and have been smoke free since. I was bulimic for 15 years, I had another session about 10 years ago, with Doreen, to deal/heal this issue and have been free from the behaviour since. Dealing with the depression was a little different. Over the years had sessions to deal with my moods, depression in different scenarios of my life, when it would become unmanageable for me. I have been free from anti-depressants for 4 yrs. Throughout the last 20 years, at different times, have gone to Doreen to have help with an issue in my life and have been helped/had success every time.

Doreen is a very skilled hypnotherapist. She has great integrity and when she sits in her chair she connects to the highest good, the highest good for all. That is the vision, intention that she holds for each and every client she has seen for the over 20 years of being a hypnotherapist. I say it is one of the things she was meant/born to do in this lifetime. She helps her clients to access the answers that are always inside of each and every one of us, heal the issues we want to heal and then move on to have the life that we were intended to have/that we wanted to have.

My experience with hypnotherapy is that it is extremely effective. Doreen helps you get right to the root of why we do what we do, she helps us find the wisdom in it, heal it and move on.




For forty years, I have battled alcohol problems. After my first session with Doreen Hanna, I easily and immediately relinquished my alcohol dependency. I have now joined a weight-loss program and enjoy a healthy life style - all without any physical or emotional withdrawal, without any hassle whatsoever.

Doreen asked all the right questions. I have been seeing therapists and counsellors for years, and these were the best questions I ever heard. I had no idea that anyone could see so deeply inside another person. Let me tell you about the best part, Doreen had me align my soul with my body. Afterwards everything changed. The spiritual focus Doreen brought to me kept me on track as I dealt with all my issues.

Life has become better, natural and effortless. I am now aware and trust my intuition, a force within that has become readily available to me. There is no doubt I would never have found this answer without her. One last point, and for someone who has been in therapy for years and years, this is important. Doreen spent the time necessary for me to get all the work done in two sessions.

- Zoe Ayre, M.F.S.

Self Talk Awareness - Changing your life from 'I want' to 'I am'

I can't believe what a different person I have become and sometimes the change is overwhelming. I wake up in the morning and I am so happy to be alive and I really believe I could do anything. I never knew people could feel like this.

- G.D.

Uncommon Hypnotherapy - Spirit Release

I participated in hypnotherapy in the hopes of understanding my grief surrounding my fiancees's suicide. Being able to contact the spirit helped me to understand the death, and resolve the feelings of guilt, anger and loneliness. I feel much more able to move on from my grieving and continue on with my life.

- K.N.

Past Life Regression - Tracing a problem back to its origin

The regressions into past lives was interesting and exciting to me. The wind-up technique to bind my personality together was very comforting and the thread that followed throughout the regressed lives was truly remarkable.

- B.R.

Critical Incident Stress Syndrome

I went to Doreen with a problem, I received professional help, which resulted in peace of mind and the ability to challenge new initiatives.

- R.R.

Overcoming Physical Challenges

Before I came to see Doreen I had a physical problem. My mind always thought about being nauseated and vomiting. Now through the use of hypnotherapy I have begun to alter my train of thought to more healthy ways.

- J.M.


My sessions with Doreen have brought several moments of surprising enlightenment. It has revealed to me the causes of my problems and has consequently allowed me to remove the symptoms to lead a more full life.

- A.B.B.


It has been about 60 days since our last session, and I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. After 2 months, I still feel so peaceful and calm and my obsessive feelings have literally disappeared. Not much has changed in my world, but the way I feel and respond to it has. People have noticed. It was hard to believe that my issues were completely resolved in 2 sessions, wow!! I don't know how it works, but I tell everyone how much you helped me. Thanks again.

- D.W.

Gambling Problems

I became addicted to gambling, I just could not stop although I wanted to so desperately. I would gamble away all my own money and then borrow from family, friends and co-workers, I just couldn't stop. I heard about Doreen and hypnotherapy and decided to try it. I was able to stop gambling after just one session and furthermore become more motivated at work. I now have many new interests. I admit that at first I was skeptical but I am now a true believer, it does work.

- Paul


I had a fear of African masks, dancing and drums. I felt scared around all African things. Doreen made that feel better with one session. One day after the session I even tried doing that kind of dancing and I just knew how to do it and it wasn't scary anymore, now it's fun.

- Vanessa, 8 year old student

Dear Doreen,

I just wanted to Thank You soooo much for all that you have done for me. I can't even explain how great I felt after getting through the 30 min presentation. No sweating or shaking and I remember every minute of it. This lack of confidence has been such a burden in my life and now that it is gone I feel like a whole new person. I hope you know how important your job is and I only hope that one day I can help people feel as great as you've helped me to feel.

- Always, Amy

Dearest Doreen,

Sincere Thanks to You for sharing Your Gifts of Clarity, Wisdom and Loving kindness through Your Masterful practice of Hypnotherapy.

I initially had fear and great resistance to take the step of our visit. You deftly and respectfully identified that. I was and am impressed by your honesty, clarity and innate ability to “get to the Heart of the matter.”

I heard a saying once, “Honesty without Compassion is cruelty” – I have experienced this as I believe most of us have before. I believe that fear added to my resistance.

I finish this note by saying, that through my session with You, I was able to safely acknowledge and release hidden memories that had left their seeds of discontent deeply rooted in my being.

After our session, I am left with a great soulful sigh of relief – a fresh restart and the new found awareness and Faith – that I am able to move forward, unencumbered by the weighty darkness that I did not know how to release on my own. I realize I must make this internal self care a daily-moment by moment practice-
Thank you for the rebirth and the tools!


I was molested from the age of 7 on by different people. When I did hypnotherapy with Doreen it was like the rebirth of my soul. The work with Doreen put everything in perspective and set me free.

I now have self worth and peace.

- Anonymous

Anxious and Fearful:

I was going to counselling and reading all the self-help books I could find to help me get over my fears and anxiety. It was helping but not fast enough I didn’t want to spend one more day feeling the way I was. I went to Doreen for help. After just one session I couldn’t believe how I felt. My husband was shocked to see how calm and relaxed I was not to mention happy. I went back again with even more great results. I wake up every morning now feeling more confident and happy with a smile on my face. I am not so afraid of everything anymore and I have noticed how many people out there don’t smile. They should go spend some time with Doreen.

Thanks Doreen!



I had been a part-time smoker for 15 years and just couldn’t quit altogether. I’m so grateful to Doreen, because not only did I stop smoking but through my session I uncovered what issues I associated with smoking. Doreen took her time, guided me and did not end the session until the work was done. I went back for a follow-up session to affirm the work and that was all it took. Thank-you.



I have been battling major depression all my life but most severely since 2000.

The final breaking point was the death of my son in 2007.
I couldn’t get a grip on reality and couldn’t stop my constant crying.
I hated the world and everyone in it.
I wasn’t suicidal but I also didn’t care if I lived or died.
I was desperately searching for some kind of enlightenment when I found Doreen online.
I had 2 sessions with her back in 2009.
Very soon after I started to feel pleasantly uplifted.
Even my sexual desire came back after 8 years of abstinence.
My thought patterns changed from negative to positive.
I was able to finally talk about my son without crying.
I was able to accept what happened and move on with my life.
My family is amazed at my transformation and so happy for me.
I even found a wonderful man who has been in my life ever since.
I have met many people who are struggling with some sort of problem.
And I am always telling them how I was helped by Doreen.
I recommend her to everyone I talk to.
I thank her so very, very much for making my life worthwhile.


Additional Testimonials

I questioned the authenticity and effectiveness of hypnotherapy until I met Doreen. I wasn’t even sure what the term “hypnotherapy” really meant. I actually put it in the category somewhere between “fortune telling” and “pulling rabbits out of a hat.” Hypnotherapy was the last chance I gave myself as a solution to my problem. In spite of my trepidations, I hoped for positive results.

I went for my first session with the attitude that I needn’t believe in the process, I only had to keep an open mind and let whatever was about to happen, unfold as it should. It did. Doreen fully addressed my doubts and concerns and gently led me into a therapy session that was very relaxing and thought provoking. I must admit, for an alternative cure it was different, but again, I cautioned myself not to reject the therapy simply because I hadn’t experienced this process before.

I was looking forward to session number two like a kid waiting for a “McDonald’s happy meal.” I wasn’t a novice anymore. I could simply relax and enjoy the trip. We experienced no turbulence and again the session became an adventure into hidden ids of my psyche. In other words, it was another great session.

A month has passed since my session with Doreen, and I still sense ripples of revelations as time goes by. I haven’t expected an avalanche of new knowledge and changes. What I am experiencing are soft gentle changes that are evolving in an effortless manner. It feels like a natural metamorphosis.

Do I believe in Hypnotherapy? I got the results I was hoping for. To those who have preconceived ideas about the validity of hypnotherapy, I would say, “try it for yourself but keep an open mind. Don’t rob yourself of a new channel of discovery. There are many, many roads that lead to Rome.”

- PN

Doreen will help you! I believe that Doreen has a good insight into today’s troubled world. I found Doreen to be very helpful to me personally, and I believe Doreen to be at the top of the tree in the type of work she does.

Thank you Doreen.

- AW

After being in therapy and counselling, periodically, since my childhood, I was most willing to try other avenues. I have had two hypnotherapy sessions with Doreen, for a multitude of reasons. Through hypnosis, I have been able to walk away from my addiction to cigarettes, immediately, effortlessly, and without any side effects. While under hypnosis, I was able to seek out the root of the issue(s) and deal with it is a spiritual and highly effective manner. Doreen has helped me to find my way back into the light on the path to my authentic self, and for this I am eternally grateful. I am now aware of my own power and spirituality, and can confidently say, that I am a victim no more. For the first time in my life, I have self-worth, forgiveness for myself and others, and a deep inner peace, all of which I have been searching for in many other professional offices. Doreen has been an amazing gift, and she has the ability to help you to help yourself and be willing to receive this beautiful gift. I recommend Doreen for you, if you are seeking spiritually powerful and immediate healing. Thank you Doreen, you are truly a gift from God. Bless you.

- T.G.


I appreciate the time you spent with me yesterday, all your kind words, your compassion, understanding, patience, courage, and most of all – your hand in friendship and love.

You have touched a deep part of my soul, and I find myself dwelling on our times together, our telephone conversations and yesterday’s treatment with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Some days, I am at a loss for words for the number of gifts granted to me – yesterday’s journey being an illuminating and liberating one of them. Thank you, from the bottom and top – of my healing heart!

- Sharon

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"Doreen will help you! I believe that Doreen has a good insight into today’s troubled world. I found Doreen to be very helpful to me personally, and I believe Doreen to be at the top of the tree in the type of work she does...."

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